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A Cut Above The Rest

Moonlight Mold and Machine Inc. is a ISO certified custom injection mold and tooling company in North Central Indiana, committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology to provide quality tooling and finished parts that exceed our customer's expectations. Our full service shop can facilitate your project from start to finish - from conceptual prototype design - to tool / build - to final production. We also specialize in mold repair. With our laser capabilities, we can weld and bench parting lines and any detail with damages. You will not even know it was repaired.

We serve the automobile, agricultural, aerospace, medical, defense, consumer goods, and investment casting industries.
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Our design and mold building experience includes:

  • Hydraulic and mechanical Slides
  • 2 shot mold designs
  • internal threaded molds
  • external threaded molds
  • insert molded parts


We offer complete production from product and mold design to jigs and fixtures to plastic part production. Our processes include: injection, two-shot injection molds to lossless wax investment casting tools.
Custom machining available.

Molding and Mold Repair

Our specialty is two-shot molding. We currently posses the only true 2-shot molding presses in our area that comes equipped with a rotary platen and two nozzels for molding parts of 2 different colors or materials without having to run two separate molds.

SolidWorks 2015 design software
Cam-Tool© and Master Cam©
Specializing in Tricordial Milling Process
on YCI Supermax High Speed CNC
Various Plastic and Resin Types
Mold Repair and Laser Welding